Welcome! My name is Sandra and I am a personal chef. I prepare meals for busy moms and dads who want to serve their families delicious, healthy meals but are short on time. I prepare healthier options of family-friendly meals so you can stop spending your time in long grocery store lines or hot kitchens, and enjoy stress-free mealtimes with your family.

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I was a busy, overweight wife and mom who LOVED cooking. Even more, I enjoyed watching my family savor the meals that I prepared. There was no greater joy than my baby girl telling me that I had a gift for preparing food effortlessly. Imagine my discouragement when the thing I loved the most was killing me.

My weight was climbing, as my energy and self-esteem were plummeting.


Something. Had. To. Change.


Certainly I was not going to stop cooking. It IS my gift. I also wasn’t enthused about swamping taste for nutritious.


There had to be a middle ground.


I needed to feel energized, try new recipes, and enjoy healthy food that was not boring and dry….that’s just not my style.

I needed healthy food that matched my upbeat, inspirational personality. I wanted comfort foods that didn’t leave me feeling tired and heavy after eating.


I wanted food that gave me LIFE.

After battling the scale for years, I decided that enough was enough. One morning, I couldn’t fit into my size 18 jeans anymore and I REFUSED to buy a 20. That morning, I stood in the mirror, held my head up high and made it my mission to create healthy recipes for all the foods my family enjoyed.

I started to test out different ingredients, learn about energy-boosting foods, and how to find them for reasonable prices. My family enjoyed the lighter recipes and didn’t seem to notice the difference, which motivated me to keep trying new recipes.  

After a few months, I started to feel more alive.  My energy was improving, my skin was glowing, and most of all, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I was losing weight without any crazy gimmicks or tricks.  Remember those size 18 jeans? They were too big!

After a few more months of seeing my healthy and my family’s health improve, I began to feel alive and whole. This feeling of gave me an immense desire to share this life change with others.

On the Lighter Side was born…..

I know how busy raising a family can be and meal time is a stressful time for so many parents (no wonder we curl up with cookies or chips after a long day). Not to mention the grocery store lines with your kids asking for everything on the shelf, crying, or fighting. Or the picky eater who refuses to eat, even after you’ve spent hours making it kid-friendly for him or her.




Eating healthy should not be stressful and I want to help.

On the Lighter Side will deliver healthy, family-friendly meals to your home.  After a consultation to learn your family’s favorite recipes, I will prepare each recipe to save you time, calories, and peace of mind.

Ready to stop stressing and start living on the lighter side?  



After I learn more about your family in our consultation, I provide customized lunch and dinner menu options.

Do your kids have food allergies? We can help!  All of our meals are customized so we do our best to accommodate food allergies and preferences.


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